Visitors Book

Rahmat Ali – Darpan Magazine London
We are very motivated to see this institution and hope there will be many more donors helping towards this project.
Zakir Khan – Canary Wharf Group
Absolutely wonderful project provided by iQra International. Hope to support this initiative in the future.
Joseph Lyons – CEO West Ham United
A fantastic opportunity for young people to experience care and support. If there is any support you think we can give, please ask!
Mr Ali – Content Creator London
Amazing to see all the facilities here! Keep up the great work InshaAllah.
Ahmed us Samad Chowdhury JP – Chairman Channel S Television
It is great to be back after 2 years when I was present when earth work began. Today I am pleased to be present at the opening of outpatient service.
Anne Main - Conservative MP for St Albans
Fantastic, Inspirational.
Imam A Choudhury
A most inspiring initiative. It is really a wonderful example of how private ventures can reach the deprived communities. Excellent.
A.K. Enamul Haque Professor – Dhaka University
Excellent idea. A grand effort taken by local NRBs. Hope this could be an example for all.
Taz Chodhury – Channel S Television UK
Alhamdulillah. I am really excited to see the hospital in service. Keep up the good work.
Nazir Ali and Alam Sheikh, UK – Biswanath Principle Women’s College
This is an excellent initiative for the poorest of our community. May Allah make it easy for all of us. Looking forward to its completion.
Md Hoque – Director Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital
I wish every success of iQra child disabled hospital in the days to come.
Prof Dr. Mohammad Abdus Salam - Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital
Excellent service for the disabled children.
Professor Dr M A Matin - Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital
I hope iQra disabled children’s hospital will be a very excellent project for disabled children.
Dr Wali Tasar Uddin MBE – Edinburgh
May I wish iQra all the success.
Rounagne Khalique Kaneez – West London
I am very impressed by the good work. Wish all the best for the future.
Mahmud Hasan MBE – Chief Executive Apasen UK
Pleased to see the start of iQra Hospital in South Surma. I am very much optimistic that the hospital will be delivering fully in the near future. Our co-operation will be extended.
Mrs Janet Must & Mrs Rachel Johns – Kitchener Primary School Teachers
A very impressive establishment which is clearly helping a lot pf has been a privilege to come and see your hospital.
Judith Allen, Deputy Head Teacher – Seven Primary School, Cardiff
Thank you for showing our party around your hospital.
Cllr Ali Ahmed - Deputy Lord Mayor of Cardiff
It was an honour to visit iQra Hospital. May Allah SWT give you tawfiq for more InshaAllah.
Cllr Parvez Ahmed – Brent Council Mayor
Great Hospital, needs support from all of us. Thanks to all the staff.

About Us

iQra was founded by some dedicated young British people with the aim of helping orphans, the disabled, disadvantaged women and some of the poorest people in the world.

Registered in the UK as a charity in 1999, iQra focuses primarily on helping the poor and needy become self-reliant, and not dependent on handouts from donors.

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