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Hospital Patient Transportation Service

For Poor And Needy Disabled Children

From our research we have found that many families are reluctant to send their child for treatment to the iQra Disabled Childrens Hospital as they are either unable to afford the travel expenses involved or there is no one available to take the child to the hospital on a daily basis. To overcome such needs, iQra International have embarked upon raising much needed funds to purchase a mini-bus that can transport children with disability from their homes to receive treatment at the hospital. This free-service will enable all children with disability to access free treatment at the iQra Disabled Children's Hospital without adding any additional burden on the family.

What might shock you is families are choosing not to send their children to iQra's Disabled Childrens Hospital because they are unable to afford the travel fare and often no family member is available to take the child. Such reasons should not prevent a child from receiving what could become life transforming treatment.

To overcome this huge need, iQra International are fundraising to purchase a hospital mini-bus to provide poor disabled children with a free daily transportation service to the hospital.

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iQra was founded by some dedicated young British people with the aim of helping orphans, the disabled, disadvantaged women and some of the poorest people in the world.

Registered in the UK as a charity in 1999, iQra focuses primarily on helping the poor and needy become self-reliant, and not dependent on handouts from donors.

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