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Our Work

Orphans are among the most vulnerable people and need our help and support the most. iQra has been supporting existing orphanages to provide better care for hose already admitted, and to expand their capacity to care for more orphans.

Disability and Medical Assistance
iQra has been providing wheelchairs and other mobility assistance to physically disabled people who are often seen as a burden on their families. Their newfound mobility helps make them more active members of the family and are therefore less of a burden.

We have organised many medical camps, especially after natural disasters such as floods and cyclones, offering free access to doctors and basic medicines.

Income Generation
iQra has been funding small income generation schemes which allow people to earn a living by setting up and running small businesses. This allows people to take positive steps towards getting out of poverty, through hard work and initiative.

Such schemes also help restore dignity and self-worth - something that people often lack when they have to rely on handouts to sustain themselves.

We are hoping to expand this project in order to help more people become self-reliant.

Women's Training
We have been helping widows and other disadvantaged women to learn new skills which will enable them to earn a living.

We currently sponsor a school in Nigeria, where poor children are provided with free basic education.

In addition, we have also provided books and other educational resources to schools in Bangladesh, and scholarships to outstanding children from poor families who would otherwise not have the chance to attend school.

Clean Water
Access to clean drinking water can prevent many diseases, especially among children. This is why iQra has been working to provide clean water to those who have no access to it, mainly in the form of tube wells.

Disaster Relief
iQra has always provided aid and assistance to people all over the world who have been affected by natural disasters.

About Us

Iqra International, is a UK registered charity, that has been working tirelessly over the last 25 years. Over the years, iQra International has grown and undertaken projects in different countries such as Albania, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, DRC, Gambia, and many more countries. More recently we have done extensive relief work in Türkiye, following the devastating earthquakes in partnership with MUSIAD and other agencies in Türkiye.

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