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Disability Support Project

Being vaccinated at the right time could have prevented Jashim from a terrible disease like Polio.

A 20 year old rickshaw puller (Jashim) from Dhaka, Bangladesh, earns his living by riding a Rickshaw. He lost his left leg because of polio disease, but that did not stop him from trying to live an honest and hardworking life.

Despite new legislation and an improved understanding of disabled people, they continue to be seen as ‘incapable’.

Cultural taboos and superstition often lead to disabled people being shunned by their families in Bangladesh, and they are looked upon as a ‘burden’ and ‘liability’. iQra International works to enable disabled people living in poverty to come together and campaign for their right to independence, equality and opportunity.

According to Hadiths, Allah (SWT) will show mercy on the Day of Judgement to those who showed kindness on Earth to His creation and provided assistance to the weak during their lifetime. Will you help us in breaking the barriers which prevent them from participating in mainstream society? Will you join hands with us to ensure that their dignity, fundamental rights and wellbeing is restored?


Disability Support

Will provide assessment, a diagnostic test, equipment for physical rehabilitation, wheelchair, professional service etc. to a disabled person


Monthly Standing Order

Will bear the daily expenses
of poor disabled people
at iQra Disabled Children’s Hospital.


About Us

Iqra International, is a UK registered charity, that has been working tirelessly over the last 25 years. Over the years, iQra International has grown and undertaken projects in different countries such as Albania, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, DRC, Gambia, and many more countries. More recently we have done extensive relief work in Türkiye, following the devastating earthquakes in partnership with MUSIAD and other agencies in Türkiye.

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