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Sweet Confessions presents 'Festive Treats'


Make your loved ones feel special during this holiday season by sharing and eating yummy cakes. The perfect treat for a festive family get-together.

All proceeds raised will go towards iQra International's Disabled Children's Hospital.

Collection only. Free delivery available on the 24th December only.

To order your delicious favourite cake, call 020 7790 7744 or email info@iqrainternational.org



_Red Velvet Cake £35
_Rainbow Cake £40
_Chocolate Fudge Cake £20
_Portuguese Tart (5) £10
_Macarons Assorted Box (10) £10
Victoria Sponge Cake £20
Cronuts Assorted Box (4) £15
Mini-Cronuts Assorted Box (9) £25

To Find Out More Please Call iQra International on​​​​​ 0207 790 7744

About Us

iQra was founded by some dedicated young British people with the aim of helping orphans, the disabled, disadvantaged women and some of the poorest people in the world.

Our Mission

Registered in the UK as a charity in 1999, iQra focuses primarily on helping the poor and needy become self-reliant, and not dependent on handouts from donors.

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